Lunch Buddy Packs

The perfect healthy solution for busy parents


Whether your little one is at school for half day or a full day - we have you covered. Choose which Lunch Buddy suits your child's needs as well as your budget. DUE TO THE VAT AND PETROL INCREASE WE HAVE HAD TO ADJUST OUR PRICING - PLEASE SEE BELOW.

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Snack Buddy - Breakfast Snack, fruit, lunch time snack, afternoon Snack

Lunch Buddy - Breakfast Snack, fruit, lunch, lunch time snack

Super Buddy - Breakfast Snack, fruit, lunch,  lunch time snack, afternoon snack



We change our menu every month to provide a variety to our little customers. We provide a range of vegetables and proteins to ensure our little people are getting the best nutrients daily.Please note our menu items are subject to change without notice due to stock and supplier availability.

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